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Spookspotters - Investigations

Spookspotters Investigations and Techniques

Spookspotters will NEVER charge for information nor will we charge for our time when doing historical or amateur scientific research.

To those that may need us for an investigation: We will never charge for our services, although we will accept small donations (used to cover personal costs, fuel, film and film development, etc).

We aim to serve you as a moral and dedicated team should. Respect local laws and customs, maintain decorum when out on investigation and when in public in general and work with others with respect.

If requested, we will put people in contact with psychics or other consultants who may request payment but this person(s) will NOT be part of SS nor will a SS member acting in this capacity charge money(s). We can not and will not take responsibilities for any actions or outcome once a person has contacted or consulted a psychic or other consultant to assist with any aspect of ghosts and haunting even if the contact was made through a member of the SS.

We do not condone vigil activity that would be seen as aggressive, provocative or insulting. We will work alongside any other paranormal group that we consider share our passion for the unknown. All of our members are "real" people from all walks of life. Our mediums are experienced and have been working in the field for many years and this coupled with our technical team has ensured the success of the team.

We along with many other paranormal groups strongly advise against the use of Ouija boards, séances and other forms of summoning in order to research the paranormal. These practices can invite unwanted energy forms to you and the occult and the sensible search through the paranormal world do not go hand in hand. We also strongly urge people to join a respected paranormal team if they want to explore the great beyond, do not do this alone. By responsible, I mean not a group of people banded together out for a thrill or a group out to sell tickets to a supposed investigation. Join a team that is bonded, has practical counseling experience, has first aid experience and has a good reputation in the community. Joining just any old group could easily make this a dangerous past time.