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Spookspotters - Team

The Team

Christine Christine
Psychic/Medium/Clair; CACH, CPLH; Team Manager

It seems Christine has been around ghosts forever having grown up in a haunted house in NSW she realised there was a whole new world in existence that not every person in the world was able to see. Christine is a psychic and a medium and formed Spookspotters with a group of dedicated like minded friends searching for truth and looking for answers behind alleged Australian hauntings. Spookspotters is a unique mix of people both psychically and non psychically talented with a healthy mix of believer and sceptic approaching alleged hauntings from both a scientific and metaphysical base. Christine has a son who is also a medium and psychic.

Christine and Dawn also work together on other projects including clearing ghosts and other entities from their haunts. Feel free to contact the team for further information on this service.

Dawn Dawn
Psychic/Medium/Team Leader

Dawn is a mother of 4 daughters and has 5 grandchildren. Dawn has had experiences with the supernatural all her life, and comes from a family where seeing and interacting with 'spirits' was almost a daily occurance.

Dawn is a psychic and a medium and has extensive experience in using her abilities in a ghost hunting environment. Dawn can feel, hear, see and communicate with spirits and has also had experiences with elemental beings. Dawn is experienced in dealing resolving some of the darker forms of energy.

Dawn has been involved with the paranormal team for about 4 years having worked dozens of investigations. Dawn enjoys working with the team, who she describes as a great group of people and appreciates the chance to visit places she would otherwise not get to see.

Mary Mary

Mary, with over twenty years experience in writing and editing, has worked as a freelancer since 2004 where she has accumulated many successes. Besides completing multiple writing and editing courses throughout the years, Mary’s thirst for knowledge never wavers. She has also completed certificate courses in criminal law, and investigative services amongst others, which proved invaluable for seeking out the truth and uncovering facts.

Her interest in the paranormal coupled with her desire to devour local history makes researching and writing in-house reports based on the team’s investigations a delight. So much so that she is currently working on a book containing some of the investigated places and the team’s findings.

Mary is the author of Ghosts of Our Pioneers. Investigations into the Paranormal (ISBN: 9780646561899)

Janine Janine

Based in Victoria and the busy mother of 8 children, Janine is a researcher and super sleuth extraordinaire. Whether we are looking to find the history of a building or the story of a person Janine leaves no stone unturned in her quest to provide much needed verification and site research.

Jazza Jazza
Technical and Data Management Consultant; B.ITS

Jazza has worked with the team as a consultant for the past 6 years in a technical capacity and occasionally as a guest medium. He is far more comfortable with a computer and analysis than conversing with the dead. Jazza became aware of his psychic/medium abilities at quite a young age but mostly plays the role of our resident skeptic. He has a Bachelor of Information Technology Security and specialises in system design, data management and analysis for the team. He also has experience in software development, web design, security concepts, audio and video applications.

Chris Chris
Technical Manager

Chris brings a wealth of experience in IT management to the team along with years of paranormal investigation experience. Chris's has a background in engineering software. Chris is a skeptic who has seen and experienced things he is unable to explain. Chris also oversees the video component of post investigation analysis. He has a discerning eye for logical elimination.

Kells Kells
Equipment Specialist/Photographer/Audio Manager/Medium

As a young child Kells questioned the origin of horror stories and began a quest to determine whether they were based in reality of purely figments of someone’s imagination. As she delved more questions developed that also required attention including the fact that a recently deceased family member appeared to her shortly after his death. Kells has spent some time now developing her technical abilities at various alleged haunted locations in Victoria and is starting to further develop her natural sensitivity and awareness of those who have already lived and died.

Grant Grant
Consultant Demonologist

Having studied Bachelor of Theology amongst other things, Grant has a wealth of experience in some of the darker parts of the paranormal world for more than 17 years. Grant is an ordained Minister although he doesn't practice as one. Grant makes his time available to the team for both advice and hands on help and assistance in numerous cases slightly left of centre.